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Width and Height
The width and height of pictures are fun to play with and easy to change. In this section you will be learning the information you will need to know about changing the width and height of pictures.
Width and Height
Here, you will learn how to change the width and height of pictures. The tag for the width and height is WIDTH="#" HEIGHT="#". This is added onto the picture tag so the end result looks like

<IMG SRC="url" WIDTH="#" HEIGHT="#">.

The # symbol is replaced by the number of pixels you want the width and the height to be. Below is an example of using the width and height tag.

index.html - Notepad

<IMG SRC="images/ex.gif" WIDTH="60" HEIGHT="35">


My Homepage - Microsoft Internet Explorer

Why Use It
You may be wondering, what is the point of this tag, if your picture loads just fine without including it. Well, there are two different reasons that this tag is important.

The first reason is that, if the height and width are included in the HTML, the page will load faster. This is because your browser already knows the picture's dimensions and does not have to find them itself.

The second reason is that you are able to change the pictures dimensions from what they really are, into what you want them to be. For example, there is a picture that is 50x50, that you want to reduce to 25x25, all you need to do is include the width and height and set them to 25.

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